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Our Concept
The Paris offers New American cuisine inspired by Italian, French and Mediterranean food cultures, with an award winning wine list, in a classic bistro and lively zinc bar setting. The Paris serves dinner and take-out seven nights per week, Monday through Sunday, beginning at 5p.m.

The Paris provides gracious service by an experienced staff and cooks soul-satisfying food bound by the seasons and determined from our marketplace , which features the bounty of local products from the American West. The Paris accommodates large parties, private functions, special events and offers catering services.

The Paris: What's in a Name?

The name itself is derived from the historic Salt Lake City department store, The Paris, which thrived in a bygone era that was much like Paris, France of today, where markets and restaurants line the streets of its neighborhoods with sprawling displays of colorful goods, enticing aromas and engaging atmosphere. For over 100 years, The Paris provided Salt Lake City with "good values, fair prices and courteous treatment--a policy of honesty." Adopting not only the name but also their mission, The Paris Bistro, Zinc Bar & Grill was created in order to bring to Salt Lake City "AN HONEST AND FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD GATHERING PLACE WITH GRACIOUS SERVICE, WHERE PEOPLE COME TO HAVE A GOOD TIME, EAT GREAT SOUL-SATISFYING FOOD AND BE WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS." Once a grocery store and corner drug store with a soda fountain, The Paris' "belle époque" bistro and lively zinc bar ambiance is warm and inviting and a reflection of early 20th century Salt Lake City. The Paris is located in the City's quaint historic 15th and 15th Emerson Heights Neighborhood, surrounded by arts and crafts bungalows and old tree-lined streets.

Our Food Philosophy

"Good cooking is born out in communities where the supply of food is conditioned by the seasons. . .  when providence supplies the means, the preparation and sharing of food takes on a sacred aspect. The fact that every crop is of short duration promotes a spirit of making the best of it while it lasts . . . "

(Patience Gray, Honey from a Weed

Patience Gray's philosophy inspires our own. Here at The Paris we bring Old World cooking principles to New-American cuisine by offering soul-satisfying food bound by the seasons and determined from our marketplace. We use the best and freshest products available, buying locally whenever possible. We strive to reveal the essence of our ingredients with simple combinations of complementary flavors and textures, and with proper execution of classic cooking techniques. We are not reinventing the wheel in our kitchen.  There is a reason certain flavors have been paired together through the ages -   they work together! While it is true you will always find some traditional French bistro selections on our menu, you will also find a diversity of dishes drawing from Italian and Mediterranean influences. The Paris features products from the American West like local free- range Morgan Valley lamb, Montana Certified Angus Prime Beef, fresh Pacific seafood, and locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. As well as, locally foraged native wild game, mushrooms, berries, nuts, grains, spices and greens.

Our Wine  Philosophy
In America , pairing food and wine is a new concept, but food and wine "grew up together" in Europe .  Meals were a celebration, and the wine served was selected to reveal the essence of the food prepared.  By contrast, in America food and wine were developed independently.  Food from a diversity of cultures and cuisines was consumed on its own.  Wine was savored as a stand alone beverage, with its place at the table more a reflection of formality and wealth than a complement to the meal itself.  Only in the last decade has there been a concerted American effort by chefs, wine producers and consumers alike, to bring the two together as compliments of one another.  That effort is nowhere more apparent than at The Paris.

Because the spirit of our menu is rooted in the wine country cuisine of Europe, our award-winning wine list emphasizes Old World producers who have always understood the inextricable tie between food and wine.  We also feature New World wine makers who emphasize the terroir in their production, have acid-driven wines, and discern the symbiotic relationship between food and wine.

When you exit the street of the historic Salt Lake City neighborhood at 15th and 15th and enter The Paris , you will enjoy a New American experience with Old World familiarity. You will savor a meal prepared to exacting standards.  Your food will pair perfectly with the many wine choices from our comprehensive list, and you will be served by our gracious and attentive staff.    The Paris represents the coming together of time-honored culinary traditions and centuries of wine making history, deeply rooted in the land, its bounty and the countrymen who cultivated it.

About the Owner
Eric DeBonis, Chef and Owner
Restaurateur Eric DeBonis is the architect, owner, operator and chef of three acclaimed Mediterranean restaurants in Park City and Salt Lake City .  He received his degree from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.  As a restaurateur and bon vivant, he has traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean studying the land, history, culture, gastronomy and viniculture.  His experience, knowledge and exposure to Old World cultures and locales, as well as, his extensive knowledge and appreciation of wine have never been more vividly evident than at The Paris Bistro, Zinc Bar & Grill.  

The Paris represents the culmination of Eric's life journey with food, wine and culture.  The concept of The Paris, the historic space he carefully selected in which to house it, and the food and wine he serves, embodies Eric's celebration of gastronomy, friends and family. The Paris is where Eric has found connection between his Native American and European heritages. Eric has integrated his Old-World knowledge and instincts with New-American cuisine, crafting meals from the bounty of the local harvest using indigenous products as much as possible. Eric's passion for this restaurant is evident with his familiar visibility in both the kitchen and dining room.  Rarely does a night pass without his presence being noted by guests, whether welcoming them at their tables or ensuring the last detail of culinary perfection from the kitchen.  The Paris is unmistakably Eric's dream, and he wouldn't miss a moment of it coming to life.